Nikhil Chandwani New Poetry Book

September 6, 2013

Nikhil ChandwaniSourced by Nikhil Chandwani

International best selling author Nikhil Chandwani releases his poetry book. Nikhil Chandwani, the celebrated author and a poet has released his poetry book. The book was released by Arjuna Awardee and Olympian Legendary Ashok Kumar Dhyan Chand and Aslam Sher Khan. The book was presented by Olympians Charles Cournellous, Govinda Charya and veteran writer Kailash Senger.

Nikhil is a National best selling author (Flipkart: 2012), poet and a script writer associated with Mystic Wanderer Production House that telecast shows on Discovery Channel. (   He is a National level award winning poet and his poems have been published in various international anthologies like Taj Mahal Review. Nikhil’s first book, I wrote your name in the sky and yours and yours too,  created waves in India which impressed lakhs of buyers.

Nikhil is currently working on Indian Hockey’s official biography narrated by Bablu Dubey, Olympian and Hockey legend Ashok Kumar Dhyanchand and various other National awardees which is soon to hit the stores. The digital version (Bollywood) of this book is also being discussed. This book on Indian Hockey will be the first of it’s kind and a parallel fight against cancer and the methods directed by these legends in reviving Indian hockey has been discussed.

Nikhil is, at present, pursuing his bachelor’s degree from VITUniversity, Vellore.

About the Book.

The book has some beautiful love poems written by Nikhil. Nikhil has received State awards for his poetry. The poems include some mesmerising poems. The poems drive itself with a flow of matured love and romance. From the depth of eyes to the heaviness of heart, the book contains some of the best metamorphic beautiful lines

Here is one of the poem from the book.


Along the busy road.

Along the busy road,

I feel those soul so crystal blue

Your hair it falls onto your shoulders,

beauty oh so true


You glitter as you leisurely walk on by,

flawless your style

As if you “hung the moon” tonight,

You sparkle as you smile


Dressed in jeans which grasp you close,

and kindly hug your hips

Your dignified smile gives a vigorous glow,

between your humid lips


Your smell lingers in my brain,

as if to seize a pause

Fragrance assorted with your desires,

certainly is the cause


As you go by me by once more,

it calmly brushes back my hair

The odor of an angel,

to which there’s no compare


You feel of prettiness and of life,

your sensation shines clean gold

Dulling all who assemble around,

a jewel to behold


As I advance you to position and welcome,

your tone rolls soft and clean

Reminding me of reassuring waters,

as they bathe on down a stream


Getting out you shake my hand,

it’s as spongy as cotton spun

The elegance you show so courteous,

to not at all be outdone


I commence and bow to thank,

the welcome that you have sent

And with a pleasant nod and wink,

I know you consent


Again you have a word and giggle as though,

We’re children once again

Inviting me to have a chat,

becoming more than friends


As the dark draws near

We share an alcohol of love.

This happening day is what I cherish

You are surely sent from above