I Miss Myself by Nikhail Chandwani

October 1, 2013


With the darkness in the shadow
Suffering effects of the cold,
Yet suffocated in the sweat,
I stumble down the road.

Being forced to follow what others crossed by,
Crime it is as if else I try,
Tears crosses the redness of my cheek,
And it’s the only way my eyes speak,
Lips of mine when it turns dead.

I am happy I really try to,
To be smiling as if I was made to,
I shout of something I don’t know
But there’s what my inner self knows,
That’s what my sparkling eyes speak,
And that’s what ugly, untold but true,
Yes I feel,
Yes I understand,
I miss myself,
Yes I know!
Yes, it’s true.
I miss myself.

5— I am dying from the sky.
In your absence
I have no where to go
I am a hollow wound
That has lost all the hopes to heal

My happiness is limited
My wings have been cut off
I wish, I could fly
But your absence is too heavy

Like a half dead bird
I am falling from the sky
Love didn’t follow the path we thought
Now I need a plan to proceed

Life must move on
Regardless the emotional resistance
Got to find a new faith in the spring
To bring the beauty and love back to my heart.

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