Cybershot: An Empathic Detective Novel by Jaxon Reed

July 9, 2018

Jaxon Reed, Kindle Scout winner, latest novel Cybershot: An Empathic Detective Novel will be released on the 12th July.

Cybershot is the third and final book in the Empathic Detective trilogy, the first two of which were given a publishing contract through Kindle Scout.

Cybershot, the story – An ancient organization has created a psychic with untold power. Raising the boy in secret, they hope to make him a world leader. But he escapes and heads for Texas to find his father, Gerald Bryce, the empathic detective. When someone tries to warn Bryce, a criminal mastermind uses the latest technology from neural immersive video games to kill the informant. Now Bryce and his partner must race the clock as a level three psychic terrorist battles the military for control of the city, and perhaps the world.

Bio: Jaxon Reed is a science fiction and fantasy author. Amazon’s Kindle Press selected his book The Empathic Detective for publication through Kindle Scout along with the sequel, Ghostsuit. He is author of The Redwood Trilogy; The Forlorn Dagger epic fantasy series featuring Thieves & Wizards and Pirates & Wizards; and The Fae Killers urban fantasy series.

Jaxon is an Aggie, living in Texas on a ranch with his wife and boys, several cats, and one pound dog.

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It will be released Thursday July 12.  To obtain your copy chose from the following links –


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