Cross Roads By Nikhil Chandwani

November 13, 2013

NikhilIn March 2009 life changed for Nikhil and Ayesha. He lived in India, she lived in United States.

They had both been married for a very long time, but something was hollow and missing in their relationships. The attraction and spark had gone and they had found themselves repelling away from their spouses. Love was still there, as was friendship, but situations were not the way they wanted, not for a long time.

Nikhil had been writing for a while and published his work in anthologies. novels and magazines.

Ayesha started reading stories of all genres, when one day she went through a story written by Nikhil and felt compelled to appreciate it by mailing him.

He replied, thanking her for her views. Ayesha looked to see what else Nikhil had written and read another story, mailing appreciation again. She liked the easy, friendly manner with which he mailed back, certainly not flirtatious, which had been the situation with almost all other male writers she had sent mail response to.

Replying to her mails and responses to the stories continued and soon developed into friendly talk, telling each other of their family life, their love and their marriages.

The similarities in their lives were amazing and astounding. They both had a love of dogs, precisely German Shepherd, and they each had one daughter. Nikhil worked in the corporate industry; Ayesha was brought up in a family of corporate heads. His wife had worked in the Social Welfare Department and so had Ayesha.

His daughter was a School Teacher, preferring to teach the youngest children; Ayesha worked with children in a Pre-School.

They found out two years later that Nikhil and his wife had their first foreign holiday in The Hotel Pokey Beach in Miami, Florida. Unbelievably, that was where Ayesha and her husband had their first foreign holiday eight years later.

Their tastes in TV were almost the same, they both watched World Wrestling Entertainment, and they both loved the literature and theatre. Their taste in novels and wine were almost identical, and they both loved eating out and watching Anurag Kashyap movies. .

They even came to know that they had exactly the same model of mobile phone. Basically both used an iPhone 3. Weeks later, they discovered that they even had the same make of glasses, (both, unusually, light powered) with the same (his and hers) thin edges. The affinity in their tastes were hard to digest..

They truly clicked; two peas in a pod.

By August they were entirely comfortable with each other, sharing up to fifty or more mails a week sometimes. They shared things that no one else ever knew; generating up a true sense of trust between them.

Quickly they understood that what they felt for each other was more than just anthology-appreciation and that they were falling in love.

They patiently waiter for each other’s emails with desperate anticipation, and soon the eagerness for more contact grew. They both got Facebook and chatted whenever they could, filling the long painful void in their lives. Their thoughts were so in tune that they often typed the same thing at the same time, so often, in fact that they almost expected it.

Sometimes they would speak on Skype, falling deeper in love every time they saw each other, but depressed that more than a thousand mile still separated them.

They spoke on the phone whenever they could, eager for physical contact.

In September 2009, Nikhil’s daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Nikhil and his wife were returning to United States to see their daughters and meet their new grand-daughter.

This would be the only chance for Nikhil and Ayesha to meet up, it might not happen again until May of the following year. They needed to confirm that what they felt they loved each other was real.

It’s one thing falling in love over a period of months via the internet, but what if they didn’t have the same attraction when they met… the flesh? They needed to know, before they could make any decisions regarding their futures.

In October they met, the attraction was instant, their feelings and instincts had not let them down.

In December they moved in together in United States and their love is very real.

They have a wonderful loving relationship based on affection, love, openness and total trust. There is nothing they can’t enjoy talking to each other about, they spoke for hours. They love and understand each other; they listen to each other and give unconditional support.

Theirs is a very unusual love story. Most internet love stories don’t work, but this is different.

Two people whose roads crossed at a time they both demanded much more than they were getting in their marriages, found each other.

Not merely, a lustful fling…. after staying together for over a year, they know this is real love.

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